Summer holidays for Sounds Jazz Club: from 02.07 to 26.09 included. New concerts starting Thursday, September 27, 2018

Friday 23/11/2018 – 22:00


DANIELE CAPPUCCI – double bass
The live act consists of the entire album “On my Radio” with the same lineup as it was played in studio during the recordings. Its ensamble is composed by Alberto Parmegiani on guitars, Claudio Filippini on Piano and synths, Daniele Cappucci on bass, Armando Luongo on drums and Enzo Bacco on Saxes. The presence of Alberto Parmegiani who in Puglia and especially in Bari is always very much followed by a number of fans and Claudio Filippini among the most important young pianists, are warranty of a numerous public and fans. Also since the release of the new album in late april, the band has not performed live yet for an official presentation of the album and MEDIMEX live could be a great opportunity for insiders and numerous fans.
The performance is an exciting mix of black sonority that pays its toll to the afro american tradition dealing with different styles from avant garde to hip hop. The arrangements that Alberto wrote for the band make the show very intriguing and very intense, a top class rhythm section provides Alberto and the soloists a natural palette for him to draw his melodies in a continuous interplay with the band mates illustrating the tradition with highly sophisticated rhythmic and melodic patterns bringing to life a new synthesis of an original and contemporary sound.